You are at the right place if you love the oldies. Maybe we can keep the old tunes around and make them new again.

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Time Slips Away

It really doesn't seem like it was 50 years ago that the rock and roll revolution was starting up full swing.I am thankful that I had the opportunity to experience the greatest moments in the history of music. It wasn't just a revolution, it was an evolution.






Sit back and enjoy



Some of the songs listed are from remastered or compilation cd's and may not be the very first release which has been pointed out to me. That's not important to me. I just love to listen to the music.Some are from original vinyl recordings. Sometimes I may opt to use a song from a cd over the vinyl because of the quality of the vinyl recording.

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Still Going Strong


This is my husband and me with the music legend B. B. King.


Sweet Soul Music and Music for the Soul


Listen to some of your favorite oldies from the 50's, 60's, and 70's in RealAudio.


Why the oldies?


One of the most fascinating things about the old songs is their purity. I love the sound of a real orchestra, real horns, and a real piano. The introduction of "synthetic" instruments doesn't have the same impact. In addition to all the memories, that may be one of the reasons why these songs are still so popular.




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Please support these artists by purchasing their cd's and attending their concerts. They are responsible for all our wonderful memories.






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The songs on this site are copyrighted by the respective artists and are placed here for entertainment purposes only. No profits are made for this site from their use. My objective is to give appreciation to this music and possibly renew interest in it. Most of all, I want to bring back the memories and express just how much this music was a part of our lives and how much it meant to us. Thanks to us for hanging in there and refusing to let our music go, most of the songs we grew up with are still available for purchase. Please support these artists and purchase their music if you like it. Links to dealers for purchasing cd's, tapes, and videos are located on the links page.